advena Breakfastt

Start the day well!

Our offer for early and late risers.

Every day betwin 6:30 and 11:00 we offer our guests and non-residents our excellent and varied breakfast buffet:

Our breakfast selection:

Selection of oven-fresh bread and differents rolls
Croissants, cakes and pastries
Various jams
Honey,Nutella and peanut butter
Large selection of specialist sausages and cheeses
Tomatoes & Mozarella with pesto
Boiled ans scrambled eggs
Grilled Nuremberg sausage, mini meatballs and bacon
Muesli, cornflakes and variuos cereals
Gluten-free rolls or bread by request
Natural yoghurt, fruit yoghurt and Birchler muesli
Seasonal fruit basket and fresh fruit salad
Selection of various fruit juices
Freshly brewed coffee specialities and wide range of teas
Sparkling wine at the weekend
Zur Buchung